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Ready to make extra cash? The PartyPartners Affiliate marketing program makes it easy!

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PartyPartners / PartyPoker / PartyGaming Affiliate Program

  • World's largest affiliate network
  • The most recognized online gaming brand
  • Make money from all PartyGaming sites*
  • Real time online statistics
  • Multi-tiered: make money from Sub-Affiliates! / Affiliate Program
* PartyGaming sites include PartyPoker, PartyCasino, PartyBingo, PartyBets, PartyGammon,
Gamebookers, EmpirePoker, CasinoKing and many more!
Affiliate program details:
  There is NO fee or upfront investment needed to participate in the Affiliate program. All you need to do is sign up, get your tracker, select a payment plan (more information below), and start sending players to one of the many PartyGaming sites through your trackers. We've paid out millions to our affiliates. East-to-read reports track your players' activity and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Choose from,,,,, and any other sites under the PartyGaming brand.

  Select from one of two payment plans: Get paid $65 - $75 per sign up guaranteed or earn 20-25% of the gross revenue generated during the lifetime of your player's Account. Not sure if your players will be big players? Choose the per sign up plan. Confident your players will be high rollers? Choose the revenue plan... the bigger your players, the bigger your checks! How big? See the potential. You can choose different payment plans for different trackers to maximize your profits! VIP programs also available that reward you further.*
Per sign up plan
Monthly # real money players $ to you
1-10 $65
11 or more $75
Percentage Plan
Monthly gross revenue % to you
Up to $10,000 20%
Over $10,000 25%
* NOTICE: The above plans changed in 2007 and have actually become more flexible and better for affiliates. After signing up you will be presented with several options on how you want to set up your plan.

Payments guaranteed by iGlobalMedia  Payments are guaranteed and processed by iGlobalMedia, a pioneer in online gaming marketing with an outstanding track record of having paid affiliates more than $19 million since 1997.

Sub-Affiliates get 20%   Sign up Sub-Affiliates and get 20% of all payments made to them! Once you sign up as an Affiliate, you will be able to register Sub-Affiliates underneath you.

Tracking system is state of the art  Our tracking system is state of the art and we provide you two types of trackers: sign up bonus codes (for offline promotions such as fliers and cards) and tracking URLs (for online promotions). When a poker player opens an Account using a sign up bonus code or a tracking URL assigned to you, we know the player was referred by you and we permanently mark his/her Account in our database. Track all your statistics real time!

Lots of promotional materials  Use our banners, text links, CDs and fliers to maximize your promotions. We have lots of promotional materials that you may freely use in your promotions. In addition, we can custom develop, at cost, any special requests that you may have for custom CDs, t-shirts, keychains, etc. with your unique trackers embedded in them.

PartyGaming / PartyPoker  PartyGaming, Plc is a publically traded company (PRTY) on the London stock exchange. PartyGaming can also be traded over the counter (OTC) using the PYGMF ticker. PartyGaming was formed in 1997 and has become one of the largest, if not the largest, online gaming companies in the world. In October 2006, PartyGaming announced that they would cease to accept real money players from the USA due to the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act which puts restrictions on money transfers to online casinos and other internet gambling sites. However, PartyGaming still allows players from the USA to play for free on all their sites. Yahoo stock information links for PartyGaming are shown below:


Join Now!  Terminology Used in Your Affiliate Account

Estimated Accruals: Your Affiliate payables are calculated on the basis of the payment plans you have chosen and the player activity relevant to those plans.

Primary Trackers: The number of trackers created for the deal during the period. The tracker is associated with a primary brand for which the tracker is created. Other brands are considered as secondary brands for this tracker.

Depositing Players: The number of players who made their first deposit during this period. These accounts can also be Play Money Accounts opened previously who made first deposits during the period.

Real Money Players: The number of players who have qualified as Real Money Players during this period.

Total Player Signups: The number of new player registrations during the period. If these players also made their first deposit during the period, they will appear in both Depositing Players and Player Signups stats.

Adjustments: Adjustments to accruals due to bonanza, special payments, interim payments and negative accruals.

Special Payments: Special Payments are adjustments to affiliate accrual due to changes in payments plans.

Bonanza: Your affiliate accrual adjustments due to affiliate promotions. Promotions are often offered to affiliates.

Interim Payment: Payments made to an affiliate on an interim basis. This payment is considered as part of adjustments.

Negative Accrual: Your affiliate accrual adjustment due to negative Monthly Gross Revenue.

Join Now!  Join now and start earning extra cash today!

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